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Jan '87 - Mar '01


Well, I am sorry to report that after a long wonderful life of 14 years, our pet, our daughter, Stephanie had to be put to sleep Thursday, March 1, 2001

We came home from the gym Wednesday night to find her in the foyer laying upside down and unable to stand. She had vomited her dinner, was having a difficult time breathing and could not get up and stand.

We ran her to the 24 hour emergency care center in Cooper City and during the night they were able to stabilize her so that we could pick her up Thursday morning and bring her to our regular vet.

Unfortunately our Vet has told us that she is in a lot of pain from her enlarged liver and heart and the four slipped disks in her back. In addition all appearances point towards a mild stroke, but that could not be completely confirmed without a brain scan. Although she could be treated with steroids, there is no promise that the improvement would allow her any real kind of life like she had been so accustomed. Leaving her home alone would not be possible any longer as she would have to hard a time getting up and moving around due to some of the damage done by the possible stroke.

So, after 14 wonderful years with our baby, Stephanie is going to have to say good night and good bye one last time.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

We really appreciate everyone's concern.






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