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The Szczublewski Family

 Picture taken during my brother Craig's wedding - 1996

Picture Taken during my brother Ken's CoC Ceremony - 2004


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Dad - James - Retired - Toledo, OH
Mom - Rosalie - Retired - Toledo, OH
Yours Truly - Engineering Manager & Systems Administrator - Gunderlin LTD - Weston, FL
Ken - Commander, US Navy - Norfolk, VA
Michelle Zuelke - Currently enjoying some time off - Temperance, MI
Dr. Lisa Hunt - Doctor of Internal Medicine - Boise, ID
Craig - Senior Systems Administrator - Unique Systems, Inc. - Delta, OH (Home Page)


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Not that I am not proud of my Parents or any of my other Brothers and Sisters, but, Ya gotta admit, Ken has the coolest job...

Ken's Plane - The P3-C Orion and a few of the Patches

Ensign Lieutenant, JG Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander



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